Terms & Conditions


  • All sessions/Courses must be paid before the session/course starts.
  • After booking your session/course you will receive a confirmation email, this will contain details of your session.
  • Courses can be paid online via Paypal in one lump sum, or they can be paid in cash at the start of the first session.
  • Group sessions must be paid for at the beginning of the first session in one lump sum, this can be done online or cash at the start of the session.

Conditions of booking

  • After booking your session/course you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You must keep to the arranged time, if you are late for a session we may not always be able to give you the extra time.
  • Full Refunds within 72 hours of booking a session or a course
  • If you have pre paid for a session and need to cancel you need to give us 48 hours notice and we will re arrange a time that suits you or a refund. If its within 48 hours notice we cant give a refund but we will do our best to re arrange a time.
  • If you are paying on the day and cancel two sessions within 48 hours, we will unfortunately no longer take bookings from you.
  • If you don’t give us 12 hours notice, you will lose your session without a refund. If its during a course the hours will be deducted from your course.
  • Once you have had your first session of the course we are unable to give refunds. We do advise if your not sure on a course then take a single session first.
  • If we have to cancel a session this will be on the basis we are unable to coach due to Health and Safety. For instance – the ground is too hard, or too muddy. We will give you 24 hours notice and your session will be re arranged to a date that suits you. NOTE: this is a very rare occasion.
  • Any abuse to our coaching staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances. The coaches will ban your child from any further activities and you will not be refunded.


If your child is sick please let us know as soon as possible, at least 12 hours before the session. Failure to do so will result in you losing your time with no refund. We understand people can get ill over night so we will do our best to arrange a new session with a date that suits you. Please call us when you are sick at such short notice.