“Rudy tried out for the Seagulls FC team again last weekend, scored an absolute cracking first goal in the first match, and got asked onto the team for next season, so thank-you to both of you. You really have made a huge improvement to his skills and confidence, it was really fantastic watching him play! He is so chuffed.”

Rudys’ Dad

“I had been looking for private football coaching for a while and came across Westfaulks. My Son loves his football sessions each with Josh and Harvey. His confidence, strength and agility have improved on the pitch. They are helping him develop his skills to be the best player he can be. I booked one sessions and then book the platinum course as i was so impressed.”

Heidi (Thomas’ Mum)

Aaron – Josh and Harvey are great and I really look forward to my coaching every week. They have taken the time to build my confidence with shooting, left foot, passing and tackling and I love it.
Karen (Aaron’ Mum) – I was looking for some private coaching in Brighton to give my football-mad son some extra practice and help his confidence. Josh and Harvey put immense effort into every session and my son thinks these are the best football coaching sessions he has ever had (and we have tried and tested most of the other local academies in the area over the past 7 years!).

I highly recommend Westfaulks Coaching for the all-round approach they offer –from the importance of fitness, agility, work rate, focus, making the drills challenging, yet encouraging creativity and good decision making – it adds up to the right balance of learning and fun, in an environment where my son has been able to practice and try things that he would not feel comfortable to try in his normal team or with school friends, which has boosted his confidence immensely.

The first Bronze package we booked was an experiment to see if the cost would equate to the benefit – we quickly booked the next Silver package as we were very impressed with how much effort Josh and Harvey put in to each session and how much my son has gained from their observations and feedback.

Highly recommended if you have a child that simply loves to play football!