Under 16s

My child is very shy, is Westfaulks private football Coaching the right environment for them?

Yes, we make sure every child is made to feel welcome and we aim to increase the confidence of every child. In all of our reviews submitted on our so far on our website, every customer has commented about increased levels of confidence.

My child has very little football experience, what can you do?

All of our staff are qualified to work with children of all ages and abilities, we tailor all of our sessions to the ability of your child, aiming to improve basic ball skills first, then improving in other areas such as shooting and passing. More information about the Westfaulks player development model can be found here. We make sure all sessions are progressive to stop players stagnating in their progress. On top of all of that our sessions will be fun and enjoyable to keep players motivated.

My child already plays for a football club. What will they learn in one to one coaching that they won’t at there club?

Players don’t always get the attention they need when training in a team environment. Everything is geared towards the team winning and sometimes are not given the required attention needed to progress as a footballer. At Westfaulks coaching it is the complete opposite, everything is geared towards getting the best out of the player and improving there all of their attributes, something that unless at elite level is virtually impossible to do in a team of 11+ players.

Over 16s

I haven’t played in a while, but want to get back into football, is this right for me?

Yes, not only will we rekindle all of your old skills, you were learn lots of new ones too, you’re never too old to learn something new, players such as Andrea Pirlo, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are perfect examples of players continuing to improve despite there age. Ryan Giggs won the English Premier league player of the year at the age of 35! We will also help with finding a team for you to join if you do not have one already and wish to join one.

I’ve played football my whole life at a good level, I’m looking to make the next step up, can you help?

Sometimes you need something new to take you to next level, we believe that we are a perfect alternative to team training or a perfect supplement to team training to improve your ability, our innovative drills are like nothing else you would have experienced in any of your team training sessions. This can give you a spark to take your ability to the next level and improve attributes you didn’t think you could even improve. We make sure all the exercises and targets are challenging to improve skill but at the same time achievable to avoid frustration.


What do I need to bring to my 1st session Westfaulks football session?

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable playing football in. All sessions are outside so if the weather is forecast to be cold you may want to bring a jumper or anything else you may want to keep you warm. We advise that you where football boots especially if the ground is wet. Bring a drink preferably water and a small snack if you feel you need one. We bring all the equipment.


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