Why Choose Us?

We have a huge passion for coaching and working with customers of all ages, we believe that if staff are happy, customers are happy too. Development especially at an early age is all about confidence, if a player is confident they will feel happy to try new skills and techniques. In our one to one private football coaching sessions encouragement is a key component to breed confidence and all coaches at Westfaulks are trained to set a friendly environment so the player feels comfortable to express themselves.

All of our staff are fully qualified and experienced in delivering quality one to one coaching sessions for people of all ages and ability in both one to one private sessions and public group sessions. To learn more about all of our coaches click here.

There isn’t another private football coaching company in the whole of Sussex that can offer one to one private coaching sessions at such a high standard. We coach players to reach there full potential, anything is achievable with the correct coaching.

We are mobile, if you’ve got a field near you we can come to you.

Sessions are fully structured and tailored to unique playing styles and positions. This is achieved through unique session plans, hundreds of innovative drills, some exclusive to Westfaulks and individual feedback on the progression of every player. We even teach futsal (Brazilian football), tiki taka (Spanish football), Creole football (Argentinian football) and total football (Dutch Football).

As well as technical and mental attributes, players will also work on physical attributes such as speed, agility and balance, Three vital aspects of the modern game as it evolves and the tempo of the matches get faster every season.

Players are often overlooked for a number of reasons in team environments, Westfaulks can offer the attention needed ensuring the player is able to flourish and reach their full potential.

Below you can see our five step model on developing players of all levels of ability.


Player development model

  1. Basic technique

    You must get the basics correct first. Every player whether they are Lionel Messi or a complete amateur must learn the basics of football first in order to reach their full potential. This includes getting a feel for the ball with our unique football familiarization control drills, short passing, controlling the ball from a pass and early shooting techniques. Players with experience of playing football can skip this stage providing the coach feels it’s necessary and for the best of the players development.

  2. Skills

    We believe players should be skillful no matter which postition they play. Every player must be comfortable on the ball in the modern game, players are expected to keep the ball instead of hoofing it as far away from their goal as possible. Having an understanding of skills from all parts of the globe and being able to use them whenever necessary is a great advantage to have and one that every player is capable of aqireing. Skills are not just step overs and kick ups. It includes such techniques as; curling the ball, using every part of the foot to dribble, different types of passes, fake shots and turns, as well as diverse ways of controlling the ball.

  3. Mental and Speed

    It’s no secret that speed can make a massive difference in football, both on and off the ball. We aim to develop the speed at which players can process information on the ball, the quicker a player is able to do this the less time it gives the defender to close them down and make a tackle. The player is effectively gaining an extra yard by doing this. We will also develop physical speed and agility through a number of drills. Co-ordination, balance and jumping is also developed at this stage covering every attribute needed in football.

    The mental side of football is just as important as the technical and physical side, just look at the difference in mental strength between England and Germany when a game goes to penalties. Our coaches will look to develop a confidence in the players own ability so they comfortable enough to express themselves in any environment as well as high self esteem, motivation and a strong mental toughness that will set the player apart from the rest.

  4. Weak Foot

    How many times have you heard a commentator say ‘if only they could use there weaker foot, they would have scored there!’. Using your weak foot may be hard or even daunting at first but every player has the potential to be two footed. It gives a massive advantage over every other player on the pitch giving the player double the amount of options on the pitch than if they were only one footed. Westfaulks believes it’s imperative to able to use both feet, therefore all drills are practiced with both feet.

  5. Accuracy

    Most coaches believe that if there player hits the target they have done there job. This isn’t strictly true, most players if told this will just aim for the middle of the goal, exactly where the goal keeper will be standing. We coach players to aim for the corners, hitting the target is important but we’d much rather see our player miss the corner by a yard than hit the ball straight down the middle of the goal where the keeper is standing. We apply this to every attribute, passing; pass in front of the player if they are running on to the ball, Control; don’t just control the ball, control it into a safe area. Examples can be used for almost every technical attribute.

  6. Elite Training

    This part of our model is used for players playing at a very high standard. Focused on fine tuning specific attributes, trying to gain an edge in an incredibly competitive environment.

What we want to achieve

What we want is simple. We aim to help our students achieve their goals in football. Known for giving our customers an outstanding friendly service, allowing them to relax and focus on whats important; becoming a better player. To achieve this we give every student a personalized coaching program to suit their ability guaranteeing improvement in their skills. Everyone is treated fairly and no customer will ever feel less popular than another – we appreciate and enjoy working with all levels of ability.


How we want to achieve it

By making a lasting impression, working with our students in a relaxed but professional way to get the best out of every player. Keeping things fresh by mixing our own innovative coaching methods with tried and tested strategies, no session is ever the same as the last.

It’s no secret that players don’t always gets the attention deserved in a team environment and sometimes the need of the team is put in front of the individual needs of some of the players. One to one coaching allows 100% focus on the player, enabling the coach significantly more time to evaluate the player and work on any parts of their game that may need improvement. We want our customers to become better players and enjoy doing it, its as simple as that.

Contact us if you have any questions or submit a message below and we’ll get back to you with 24 hours.


Different types of equipment

  • Flexi poles
  • Standard poles
  • Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Parachutes
  • Footballs size 3 to 5
  • Nike Pro cones
  • Goals (full size)
  • Football Free kick wall